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Message from Chairman of Bangkok Metropolitan Council


The Bangkok Metropolitan Council is a legislative body of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Our duty includes considering the legislative provisions and monitoring the Bangkok Metropolitan administration to ensure order, improving the quality of life of the citizens, solving problems and finding both temporary and permanent solutions to ensure that Bangkok is a livable city and one of the leading cities in Asia.

          The Bangkok Metropolitan Council consists of 11 standing committees which are the Committee on Public Works and Utilities, Committee on Traffic Transportation and Drainage, Committee on Cleanliness and Environment, Committee on Health, Committee on Education and Culture, Committee on Tourism and Sports, Committee on Economic, Finance and Follow up of Budget Utilization, Committee on Community Development and Social Welfare, Committee on Local Administration and Orderliness, Committee on the Affairs of the Bangkok Metropolitan Council and Committee on Checking the Minutes of the Sitting and for Considering the Disclosure of the Minutes of the Secret Sitting. Each committee has different mission under the same goal to ensure that Bangkok a safe and pleasant city.



Mr. Nirunde Praditkul

Chairman of the Bangkok Metropolitan Council

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